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The must-know changes in distance education policy

A lot has changed in online learning practices in just a few short years—and accreditation policy is no exception.

Did you know that when offering online courses, collaboration options for students are a requirement? Or that faculty participation in designing the implementation of an online learning program is mandatory?”

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Analysis of distance education enrollments challenges myths about the medium

In fall 2013, one in every eight students enrolled at colleges and universities in the U.S. studied exclusively online. One in every four students took at least one online course. Those and other findings, released this week in a three-part analysis by the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET), suggest distance education is more pervasive in higher education than previously imagined, and may help debunk some of the common myths surrounding the medium.”

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Institutional Continuity and Distance Learning: A Symbiotic Relationship

Universities and colleges have been developing institutional continuity plans to protect their ability to function within an environment of increasing uncertainties caused by natural and man-made disasters and events. Within the academic context, distance learning strategies have emerged as critical components for program continuity.”

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Distractions, Disruptions, and Distance Learning

A commonly recognized megatrend across the academic landscape camouflages a perhaps even more important, though often overlooked micro-trend. It is well-know that a significant share of America’s college students are enrolling in something called “online.” Most are doing so as an occasional course within an otherwise on-campus program. Others are sampling something called MOOCs (massive open online courses) on a non-credit basis. This is a big tent of possibilities and activities.”

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Distance learning enrolments up despite for-profit drop

More than one in four students in the US was enrolled on at least one distance learning course in 2014, new research by the Babson Survey Research Group has shown. This marks a 13th consecutive year of enrolment growth, but the research also shows that bucking the trend, the for-profit sector has seen enrolments fall.”

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